September 2018 Minutes

Minutes from meeting held on 3rd September 2018


Cllr Brian Wilkinson (BW), Cllr Rachel Stevenson (RS), Cllr Brynley Heaven (BH), Cllr Peter Morris (PM1), Cllr John Pickard (JP), Cllr Frances Cartwright (FC), Cllr Malcolm Dodds (MD), County Councillor Martin Hill (MH)

James Leach – Clerk (JL)


James Leach

1 Apologies – District Cllr Dr Peter Moseley (PM2)

2 The Chairman welcomed all present.

3 One member of the public was present from the Old Bakery. BW asked if she would like to speak. They spoke to the PC asking if there was anyway that we could approach Highways about getting a reduced speed limit on the A15 and more signage warning drivers, especially approaching from the Bourne end, that they were approaching the village. The reason for the request was due to the fact that they had recently had a pet killed on the A15 and also that it was sometime quite hazardous when pulling out of the village on to the main A15, due to the speed that traffic came along here. MH that he would look into whether it was possible to have the limit reduced but said it would be highly unlikely due to the way speed limits are assessed and allocated. The main points are having a school and also housing along the road in question.

Unfortunately Aslackby has neither of these. He did however say that he would look into whether it would be possible to get some additional signage on the approaches to the village. JL also mentioned that the PC had approached Highways and the Road Safety Partnership in the past about getting the speed limit reduced but had been told this was not possible. JL then mentioned that due to the fact that LCC no longer cut the grass verges on a regular basis that visibility when coming onto the A15 was limited. MH responded to say that this may change next year and more cuts would be made. The resident thanked the PC for their time and left the meeting.

4 Declarations of Interest – None.

5 Minutes of the Last Meeting – agreed and signed. Proposed by JP and seconded by RS.

6 Matters Arising

A few errors where highlighted from the previous minutes and these were all corrected. Anything else would be dealt with in the relevant sections below.

PM1 commented on the fact that some of the comments made last meeting should have been worded differently around the complaint we had received from Rippingale PC. After a short discussion it was felt the comments were appropriate but “PC” should have been included in the wording. It was also mentioned that in future any such complaints should be put in writing and the PC would respond to them accordingly.

7 Planning

No planning applications or updates had been received.

8 Cemetery

Nothing to report.

9 Neighbourhood Watch

Nothing to report.

10 Highways

The roads in the village had all now been resurfaced, however a number of facts were highlighted which MH will take away and investigate. These were that the small triangle outside Bryhill and The Old Cottage had been missed completely despite being cleaned in readiness. A number of large pot holes still remained opposite the Old Chapel. The road edges had not been weeded/treated before the road was re-laid and as such in a number of places weeds were now pushing through the new covering. A number of drain covers had remained covered after the road was re-laid so JL had removed the temporary covers to revel the manholes. A number of residents had complained about the mess created by the workmen and one of the workmen had admitted that it was not a good job they were doing.

PM1 asked MH if anything could be done with the potholes near the Ford. As there had been no water at the Ford this year due to the heat the potholes were now more prominent but had not been seen to when the main road was re-covered. MH said that this should be reported to Highways in the normal way. JL said he had not reported it but would do now.


JL asked MH why LCC had been back in the village and cut the grass outside 3 properties on Aveland Way. MH was unsure why this had happened again and would put a stop to it. It was agreed that next year the PC would approach Britain’s to see how much extra it would be to cut these verges in future and claim the money back via next year’s Precept. This may open up more discussions but the PC will deal with these as and when they arise.

BW asked MH if he could look into cleaning out the 3 large gulleys on the side of the A15 as these were now full of soil. MH said he would look into this.


11 Finance

JL said the current balance in the Current Account were £999.03 and the Savings Account stood at £12253.89 – Total £13252.92

A number of invoices had been received which had been paid

Brittains – grass cutting £170.00 L Fisher – Cemetery Maintenance - £285.25

The Clerks wages were now due – £480.00 plus expenses of – £44.32. HMRC Tax iro Clerks Wages – £120.00

JBW requested that a £1000 was transferred from the Savings account to the current account to cover the above out goings. JL said he will do this.


All the above outgoings were approved by the PC.

JL asked for some more cheques to be signed.

JL stated that £50 had been paid into the Savings Account iro scrap collected at the last skip.

12 Correspondence

JL went through correspondence received. All had been dealt with in previous sections apart from, there had been remarkably little correspondence since the last meeting.

13 SKDC Update/Neighbourhood Plan

No one was available from SKDC for an update.

PM1 suggested that if PM2 was unable to attend meetings he should provide an email update. JL said he already did this but would request that an update was received in future, especially around the Neighbourhood Plan.


14 Lincolnshire County Council Update

MH gave an update on the road re-surfacing which has been outlined in the section above. Apart from that nothing else to report.

15 A.O.B

A skip will be arranged for 13th October. JL will print off the relevant slips to be posted to each household


Dates of the next meetings are as follows: - 03/09/2018, 15/10/2018, 26/11/2018 and 07/01/2019

16 Date of next meeting Monday 15th October 2018 – 8.00 pm at the Village Hall.

Meeting closed at 08.53