January 2020 Minutes

Aslackby Parish Council Meetings

Minutes from meeting held on 06th January 2020


Parish Councillors      

Cllr Brian Wilkinson (BW)
Cllr Rachel Stevenson (RS)
Cllr Katie Long (KL)
Cllr R Miller (RM)
Cllr J Pickard (JP)

James Leach – Clerk (JL)

District Councillors

County Councillors   

County Cllr Martin Hill (MH)   


James Leach       

1   Apologies – Cllr Peter Morris (PM1), Malcolm Dodds (MD). 

Absent – District Cllr Peter Moseley (PM2)    

2   The Chairman welcomed all present and members of the public.   

3   No members of the public were present. 
4   Declarations of Interest – None. 
5   Minutes of the Last Meeting – Proposed by RS and seconded by RM.    

6   Matters Arising

There were a number of outstanding Action Points from previous meetings most of which will be dealt with in the sections below.   

7   Planning

No new planning applications had been received but JL had been notified that the application for Moorfield House to replace and repair windows had been granted. 

BW asked if the PC had been informed why they had not received notification re the planning application on Kirkby Underwood Road. JL said he had received no response to his email.   

8   Cemetery

Nothing to report.   

9   Neighbourhood Watch

No incident had occurred with the PC area however residents should still be mindful as there had been a number of churches recently that have had lead stolen from the roofs.   

10   Highways

JL said he had reported all the pot holes he was currently aware of via the Fix My Street App again to try and get some action as no one from Highways was available for comment. No updates had yet been received.

RM mentioned that the road surface along East Lane and Mareham Lane was very uneven and for residents to be mindful of this fact.

RM also stated that rubbish had again been dumped near the Ford at Graby.

MH arrived at this point which gave the PC the opportunity to question him on a number of outstanding issues that had been carried over from previous meetings over the past 18 months. After some discussion it was agreed that JL would email a list over to MH and he would then arrange a site visit with Highways to come and meet JL and BW to have a walk round and go through all the outstanding areas of concern. These will include: -

•   Clearing gulleys on the A15 and throughout the village.
•   Clearing the inspection chambers on the A15 between the Village Hall and the Pub.
•   Unblocking drains that were overflowing in the village on the junction on the A15
•   Remove gravel from drain near factory
•   Outstanding pot holes and the general state of the roads, especially on the road up to Temple Wood.
•   Clearing out the gulleys at the new head walls just as you leave the village towards Low Park
•   The drains between Seraphina and the Ford require jetting as blocked and over flowing.
•   Response from Highways re possibility of putting up speed signs “Children playing”
•   Update on road resurfacing on the road to Temple Wood. MH said he had spoken to Highways and they had agreed that they would resurface an area properly instead of just patching as this would be cheaper in the long run. He will chaise these up to see when it would be done.
•   Update on Laughton Road which now resembled a scene from the Somme the craters were that big. This particular stretch of road was now virtually impassable in places it was that bad. MH said he would get onto this as a matter of urgency.
•   Still require payment for grass cutting from last year.

Action: JL

JL asked MH re the email he had received from Highways concerning reducing the speed limit outside the factory. MH asked JL to put it in writing to him and he would approach Highways to support the request.

Action: JL

JL mentioned to MH re Alison Rays concerns regarding the Fix My Street facility. MH explained that there were a number of issues with the functionality with Fix My Street where it did not talk to the LCC system. They were currently working on an upgrade to fix this and hopefully it will then be more user friendly. MH did stress however that progress would only be given for faults they had agreed to fix.

BW asked re the hedge at Laughton Manor. MH said they had contacted all landowners and asked them to cut their hedgerows. Some had complied but some had not, Laughton Manor being one who had not. They will keep an eye on the situation.

JL asked MH for some clarification re maintenance of Footpath No 4. MH confirmed that if the route of the path had been altered then it did become the landowner’s responsibility to maintain the path. The PC will discuss this at a future meeting/ JL will also contact Highways asking them to contact the landowner re the maintenance at the top end as this was still an unused building plot.

Action: JL

JL informed the PC that he was currently chasing Highways for payment for the grass cutting which should have been made in September. He will include this on the list to be sent to MH.   

Action: JL

11   Finance

JL had received one invoice which he had paid.

Anglian Water - £11.93

The current balances in the bank accounts are: -

Savings account - £9594.07

Cheque Account – No balance available as no statement had been received.

JL had spoken to JP who said he had now claimed the VAT refund. The amount was approximately £200 which will be paid direct into our account in the next few weeks.

A discussion was then had around this years Precept. JP gave out a copy of some figures he had prepared and JL gave out a copy of the Cash Flow so far this year. On looking at the figures it showed that income was down but costs had increased by a considerable amount. As a result, it was agreed that this year’s Precept should be increased by £500 taking the figure to be claimed to £4400. JL will send the forms off. The increase was Proposed by JP and seconded by RM.   

Action: JL

12   Correspondence

All correspondence had been actioned in previous sections above. 
13   SKDC Update/Neighbourhood Plan

No one was available from SKDC to give an update.   

14   Lincolnshire County Council Update

MH said that there had been a 3.5% increase in the budget for this year. Boris had promised a lot more money to improve/repair roads so they will wait and see if this comes through. They are also trying to include Lincolnshire in the Frozen North allocation which would then release some more money. This was mainly to help with the cost incurred around flooding for which Lincolnshire had been adversely affected over the past few months.

The Lincolnshire Bypass was due to be completed early this year but due to the adverse weather this would now possibly not be finished until September.   

15   A.O.B

BW again apologised that he had not obtained the stain/oil required to treat the village benches. He will do this as soon as possible. JL said he had already earmarked a person from the factory to carry out the work but would have to wait for a dry day to do it.

Action: BW

BW said that the next meeting dates would be as follows – 17/02/2020, 30/03/2020 and 18/05/2020 which would be the AGM.   

16   Date of next meeting Monday 17th Feb 2020 – 8.00 pm at the Village Hall. Meeting closed at 08.52 pm