Phone box

Aslackby & Laughton Parish Council have voted in favour of adopting the BT Telephone Kiosk in Aslackby. At the last Parish Council meeting they received a proposal to turn it in to an exchange bookstore. If any residents have any comments or are opposed to this, could they please make their thoughts/objections known to the Chairman, Mr Brian Wilkinson or the Clerk, Mr Jim Leach, by 6 December 2021.

For further information on the adoption process, please see the attached letter from BT and the BT Adopt a Kiosk Notice.

28 July 2022

Aslackby & Laughton PC are pleased to announce that the old BT phone box has now been adopted by the Parish Council. 

The phone has now been disconnected & removed and all emergency services have been notified that it is no longer a working phone box. 

The responsibility for its maintenance is now the responsibility of the Parish Council and you will have hopefully seen that it received a spruce up and a fresh coat of paint in time for the Queens Platinum Jubilee.

Going forward the Parish Council hope to improve the inside of the phone box and turn it into an exchange book store. These proposals are still in their early stages so further updates will be given as and when they are made.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please direct these to Brian Wilkinson (Chairman) or Jim Leach (Clerk).